Each photograph in my portfolio may as well be perceived as a single study. Each is beholding similar characteristics as a reflection of a daydreaming person - one who is very much fascinated by nature, often in an unreal or surreal manner. In this sense, I see my style of photography somewhere between Pictorialism and Impressionism. I try to collide and mimic all the qualities of these aesthetic movements. I was an admirer of photography long before I went through studies in art and photography at the National College of Art and Design in Dublin, Ireland. I've always leaned towards fine art photography, although the subject matter and the form are hugely important especially while portraying the beauty of natural spaces. I pride myself in my ability to use good old’ analog cameras and also know-how of developing and processing films. I work exclusively with large and medium format cameras. My method involves a lot of experimenting with these tools. I often modify or interchange parts from different cameras, build DIY accessories and lenses that help me to interpret and create those dreamy scapes, organically, on the spot.
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